Guess who's got a job!!!

That is correct... I have a job now 😛

I'll be honest, I had not expected to:
(a) find a suitable job vacancy as such, 
(b) send in my CV and get to apply for it so soon, 
(c) get to go to Ghent, 
(d) successfully give a Skype AND have a face-to-face interview within the span of 1 week since applying (and two days after my successful PhD defence), and 
(e) actually land the very first job I applied for in my life... 
*smug mode on*😎

Ok smug mode off...

But truly, more than anything, I am deeply honoured and humbled by the opportunities bestowed upon me, and the progressions I have experienced from the very start of this year in the span of just 1 month... I don't think it were possible if I had not worked hard, neither without the help of my friends, who not only believed in me but also helped me restore my confidence and greatly adviced me on these dire times...

Needless to say, if you remember from my last post on what I want from 2017, some of my yearly resolutions have already come true, i.e.:

A) get my PhD doctorate,
B) get a career head start, 
C) travel to a whole new country and integrate into a new found culture!

So, here it is... I am so ready for Belgium now!!!

 And so starts my new journey... Arrivedercci to my peers! I am sure to see you again... 

And hello to my new life!!!