Ghent in a day

Hey y'all... So, I've just been to Belgium and back in the last 2 days. The main purpose for the trip was a job interview at an exciting new company located in the little venice of Belgium a.k.a Ghent! 

First things first, the interview went quite well albeit the lack of prep. However, I thnik it was enough! I will be making a post on last minute but efficient interview preparation if this one is a success ;). Now, coming to the city itself, well, I wasn't quite sure what to expect of the place. This is my first time to Belgium and honestly, apart from waffles and chocolates, there wasn't a whole lot I knew about the little country! I took an all nighter coach to make the best of the day light in Belgium, and it took me about 11 hours of travelling all together from Southampton to Ghent in the national express + Eurolines + ferry, with 3 hours of stop over time. I will be honest, my arrival time for Ghent was not the best one I had chosen but it got me ample time to walk around the whole city, albeit in the dark, cold and rain... (yeah! Let's not talk about that :p).

Now, I had only one day to take a trip around the city, check in to my B&B, prepare for my interview due next day, and also get some well deserved rest :) So, I decided to spend the good part of the day exploring the city on foot. I left the indoor exploration, such as museums and exhibitions, for some other time. The weather wasn't quite in my favour  for such an outing, but the more I walked around, the more I fell in love with the city... The vintage outlook, the sombre colours, the pretty canals, the gorgeous architecture... Soon enough, I was quite enjoying myself, touring the best of the city.

 True to it's nickname, the little flemish venice, Ghent, or as they spell it in flemish/dutch/french - Gent, is situated in the flemish region of Belgium. It has numerous little canals sprouting from the main river Leie that can be explored via foot along the riverside edges or via boats. Exquisitely rich in history, the beautifully maintianed medieval architectures and frontal infrastructures of the buildings all across the city are protected, and rightfully so.

Here are a few captures of the day that I have shared on my instragram. If my interview is a success, I will get to explore it more in details for the next few years to come...

Hope you enjoy...