Switzerland part III: A Hike up Creux Du Van

The final account of my Swiss adventure has to end with the best bit of the whole trip: being one with the nature 

On a lot less philosophical "hitch-hiker's-guide" note, it was what I had been looking forward to the entire trip since day 1. And that is, exploring Suisse from the nature point of view, and hiking up one of its beauteous mountains. However, in the end we did more than just that, we even got to see the indigenous mountain goats, ibex, that are only found in the alpine mountains of Switzerland.

The trip started at Neuchatel City, near the lake by the same name. We drove from the city up to the steep hill near Crux Du Van, before parking up by the road at a small clearing. We weren't sure if cars and private vehicles were even allowed as far as we had come, so we decided to leave the car about 2 km below the vantage point. From there, we hiked up the mountain to reach our destination. It took us a good 1 hour to get at the final destination, slowly making our way to the top, with occasional drink and refreshment breaks, foraging for nuts too along the way.

Once at the top, what we saw can only be described as a dream... First, we saw the alpine horizon, far across the distance. We could even spot the Matterhorn (toblerone) mountain from there. Next, the vast sea of clouds covering the ground underneath the mountain tops till the eyes could see. Suddenly, I couldn't believe it was the same world we just left behind, the world full of people and the busy streets. How could such serenity coexist with the hustle-bustle far beyond the clouds?

The milky-foamy clouds are believed to be formed due to Lake Neuchatel underneath, causing the mist, due to the cyclic evaporation and condensation at that altitude.

Next, we hiked further towards the real attraction of the day, the rocky geological cirque formation called Creux du Van. Its formation is truly a spectacular view to behold. Somehow, it even reminded me of the chalky hills of Dorset coasts, and the rocky faces of Grand Canyon. 150 m in depth and 1400 m in width, it is a very peculiar site of geological interest with a bit of dramatic flare to it, don't you think?!

Once we had an eye full, we settled ourselves down by the valley edge for a little picnic near the incredible natural wonder. Just sitting there, eating sandwiches and admiring the view... But not much later the sun began to set into the evening, and it was getting quite cold for us to keep still. So, we decided to head back to the car before sundown, and hit the road by nightfall. 

However, before we made our way back, we were treated by the rare sight of the ibex mountain goats grazing up on the hilltops nearby.

Making our way back down the mountain, we were greeted by the view of the sunset over the mountainous ranges over the horizon. It felt like one could just sit here and watch the world go by at an absolute peace... It was truly beyond spectacular and breathtaking!

This trip, especially, was all that I expected it to be. When I am with nature, there is nothing more that my heart needs. But the whole trip to Switzerland in all was truly educational, opening my mind to a new culture, new views, more beauty, more purity, inspiring further development to my being, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

And with that ends the accounts of my travel discovering the wondrous country of Switzerland. I do hope to come back very soon to explore the unexplored and further unravel the ones I have barely just skimmed through on the surface. Until then, happy traveling everyone xxx