Ho Ho Ho! Merry chritmas!!!

Merry xmas everyone...

A quick catch up about what I did this xmas? Well, first of all I have finished writing my PhD thesis (YESSS!!!). That took forever to write btw, but it is finally done. As you can tell, that pretty much occupied the whole of my month sans Milano, and hence there was not much to post for the month, expect the endless endeavors and cries over the toil. I also moved houses recently back to Southampton, I am sure going to miss Romsey but am sure glad to be back closer to the Uni, where the life is.

I did go dancing sometimes... Like that one lovely night to London bridge... And also attended a winter wonderball with friends. It was 4 hours of dancing and chocolate fountain. A bit of fun amidst all the hard work :) Hope y'all are having an amazing holiday... Merry xmas once again and happy new year lovelies :)


Picture courtesy: Albert Johnson (Ceroc fever)