Pancake art progression

Here are the step-by-step procedure of my pancake wallpaper art made in amaziograph app for ipads. This is such an incredible app to make some really cool artworks, especially for patterns and tiled artworks:

Step 1: Base layer

Step 2: Add second layer on the base parts, leaving out the details for now.

Step 3: Once the bigger parts are more or less coloured to your satisfaction, move to the smaller details, such as the strawberries here.

Step 4: Next, the harder part: giving the special effects like 3D, reflection, glaze, etc. This is all in the trick of using light and dark strokes in the right places.

Step 5: Finishing touch: add the last details like frones and more light reflections, sheen, etc. Retouch any bits you feel requires more details. Trust me when I say this, this step may never end if you are one of those who care about every little minuties... So, stop when you feel it looks good enough.You will have to decide that yourself.

And there you go:

Feast your eyes :X