Dance under the disco lights

I see the light gently flickering in your blue eyes,
Darkness can never touch me again.
It must be a crime to feel this much ecstacy
In being shackeled with your loving chain...

For you I would take the bullet,
Fight against the world, stand against the tide,
I would endeavour to be everything you want,
All the things you can imagine in your life.

You are a piece of heaven,
Made to MY perfection,
You can't say that I'm blind,
Cause my eyes are finally open.

I could sing you a love song,
Not even on the right key,
About how my life could still go on without you,
But what a poor life that would be!?

So let's dance under the shiny disco lights,
Shimmering like crazy colourful stars,
For now and for the day after eternity,
In this dance floor that is ours.