Rachel's black-berry and elderberry jam

Making a jam is incredibly easy. I have made a few myself like the apple and berries jam, and mango jam. The proper ratio is 1 part fruits to 1 part sugar. Now we all know that jams are not particularly healthy an item. But it sure adds character to the breakfast... I don't eat jam that often, the only ones I have ever liked were the ones made at home by mom. I do however cannot do without a tiny bit of jam on my scones though... But of course, that is only if I am also having some clotted cream (talk about being healthy :p).

Anyway, here is a stupendous recipe by my dear friend, Rachel, who has done a beautiful job in making fresh jam from fresh foraged treasures...


  • 5 Apples for pectin
  • 500g of berries... Lots of vitamic C
  • 1 kg sugar

  1. Wash the berries after carefully picking them from the berry bushes. Here Rachel picked the sweetest of the blackberries and juciest and plumpest of the elderberries.
  2.  Next, chop the apples into small cubes and cook with the berries in 100ml of water for 10-15 minutes on medium heat or till the fruits are tender. The berries barely take any time, it's the apple that needs mushying, and the water needs to reduce.
  3. Now add sugar and cook slowly till completely dissolved and starts to boil. 
  4. So, to test if it is done, gently dip a cold metal spoon and drag your finger across it, if the jam wrinkles, it is ready to set. If not, continue cooking for some more time. Set aside to cool.
  5. Pour it out in already sterilized jars, which you can do by baking clean jars in oven for 15 minutes in full heat. Make sure to store in a cool place with tight lids on. Refriedgerate once beginning consumption.
And it's all done!

They make for such great kitchen addtions. Now, enjoy it as a breakfast bonus, a secret ingredient in your yummy desserts (like I did), or as a gift to someone special (like Rachel did... To me :D xxx).

Whatever you do, just enjoy the jam :*