Take pride,
In who you are, what you are, where you are.
Take pride,
In how you are, why you are, whether you are...

Take pride,
In your mother, your sister, your daughter.
Take pride,
In being a mother, a sister, and a daughter.

Take pride,
Whether you are a doctor, a nurse or a janitor.
Take pride,
In your work because you do it like no other.

You were born to be proud,
Not to cry or beg.
You were born with a purpose,
Not to drown yourself in a keg.

If you never had pride,
Then it is never too late.
If someone took it away from you,
Then it's time to take it back.

Pride doesn't mean ego,
It doesn't mean arrogance.
It means you know who you are,
And that you believe in yourself.

Take pride,
For those who never learnt to.
Take pride,
Not cause you have to, but because you deserve to!

Take pride in being gentle, 
in being bold,
in being loving, 
and being fierce.

Take pride,
If not for life then just for a while,
But however you do it,
Take pride in your own style.