Art: Food doodle

Feels like a long lost hobby
 Here is a confession, I haven't drawn, sketched, painted or done any substantial work of fine art in such a long time that I feel quite guilty and out-right bad about it. I'm just a self taught "artist" like my mom, but I do take a lot of pride in being one. But all I have done for the past couple of years is some random doodles that don't really exhibit or credit my full potentials (I'd like to believe I still have it in me). Although I do fear it may take me a while to get back to fine art... As a matter of fact, I would love to spend some quality time exploring my credebility once I am done with my PhD and dedicate myself a little more to some of my most neglected hobbies like art, DIYs and music. Afterall, all it would cost me is some time but may perhaps even lead to a bit of self-discovery. So, sans my PhD thesis submission (which should be soon) I would pick my pencils and brushes up and produce something worth appreciation, if not anyone elses, then just my own...
Anyway, for my weekend's pursuit of happiness here are some quick free-hand food and recipe doodles done with black gel pen, sketch pens and highlighters.
Life is a lemon tree
Cream tea time
Victoria sponge made right
Junk food
Pumpkin risotto recipe
More tea never did no harm
Morning pleasure
Rigatoni pasta bolognese
Pesto de linguini
Oriental dinner