Photography: Shadows

Married to my work

Lately there is a new frenzy of challenging each other on various photography themes on social media. I have been challenged to take and post a picture for 7 days from the day of being nominated based on nature for the challenge where I have to challenge a new person every day on my post, who post a pic for next 7 days whilst challenging 7 new people to take up the challenge, who challenge 7 other people, so on and so forth. But my lovely friend Rache and I apprently were having a lot of fun doing so, and hence decided to continue with the challenges. So we have been challenging each other every week with a new theme. Last week it was macro. You can check out all my pictures I took  for the challege here

This week it was my turn and so, I chose "shadow art". Now I wasn't quite sure what I could come up with for this challenge but honestly, this has been the most fun challenge so far for me. Hope you enjoy my shadow creativity...

Enjoy :)

Creased paper shadow: Face
Fragility and peril
Nature symmetry
Looming danger: it's not the weapon, its the person holding the weapon

What challenge would you like to see? Please let me know xxx