Very british: English rose garden

Last week I had a lovely opportunity to experience one of the most authentic event the British culture has to offer for the first time in 5 years of my stay here, which was promenading in a beautiful rose garden with some wine. The garden was as picturesque and dreamy as they promise in every glossy pages of a national trust magazine (if you ever read one), and one of a kind in itself. 

The one I went to was the Mottisfont Abbey rose garden that is famous not only for its country estate, beautiful view of the River Test and the house museum that hosts regular art exhibitions, but also its walled rose garden that is both well acclaimed and receives thousands of visitors annually. Read all about the national trust and the Abbey here.

Generally the Abbey itself is open all year round but the best and peak time for paying a visit to the rose garden at its prime bloom time is in the month of May and June. The entry fee is rather steep in my honest opinion with the normal visitors paying £14.50 an entry. But every year the Abbey opens up the rose garden for special viewing of "Rose and wine" at a discounted price of £10 for a wonderful evening experience of the walled roses with a complimentary glass of wine from a choice of red, white and rosè. This year, it was on last friday, the 17th of June.

Anyway, here are some of the pics from the garden...

I had a wonderful time photographing the beautiful blossoms with my lovely photographer friend and also sitting in the garden among the magnificence and the fragrance of the blooms, while sipping at my punch, watching the sky change colour as the sun hid in and out of the ominous and grey clouds, all the while slowly setting down for the day. There were occasional showers that lasted but just a few minutes so we could still be in the open and enjoy the freshness...

Hope you get to visit a rose garden in its prime time this year too xoxox

Until next time,

Love always,