American Diaries: I'm in Vegas baby!!! - Part 2

Welcome to Las Vegas
So it's TIME... To tell you all about the real Vegas :D

As I had mentioned in my last post on Vegas, the city has been everything I had imagined it to be... Crazy, bright, loud, colourful, flamboyant, exuberant, ostentatious and I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT! But as you know, people visit this city to getaway from their mundane life into the world of exotic and exuberance, perhaps to have a wild escapade for people with money on a gambling spree, enjoy an occasion to party with buddies, or celebrate something special like a hen/stag do, or even get married... And since the city thrives on such visits for pleasure, addiction or momentuous events, it is bound to be a little over the top on pricing. And so it's not too wrong to think "Oh! Vegas is an entertainment hub for not just Americans but party loving people, who have money to spare and throw it all on gambling and booze... It surely must be expensive and not quite so easy on the pocket to find a decent accomodation or to eat out..." Well, you are only half correct! As it turns out, finding cheap yet great accommodations in Las Vegas, that too near the Strip, is as easy as walking into a casino in Vegas and finding a slot machine. They are literally everywhere... As a matter of fact, one my second (accidental) stop over to Vegas I found a hotel within minutes for just about $45 a night right around the corner from the Strip. How cool is that?

Now, Vegas is quite impressive a city in itself when it comes to entertainment, but more so as an architectural masterpiece. A walk through the strip feels like a walk through time where you trasported to a hall of world attractions, come to think of it, it actually is very much like a hall of famed cities and their attractions in one place. A warp of time and space from east to west around the globe. Each and every casino built to perfection with intricate details to wow you, inside out. From prototype of NYC to egyptian pyramids that shoot laser to the sky at night, amazonian rainforest to Parisian walkways, indoor Venitian canals to London eye, feast your eyes with wonder as you walk in and out or past these marvels of modern architecture... All the engineering, the labour and the design intellect that must have gone into building each one of these casinos, and making them functional with a mammoth-like complex grid of electricity and water supply must be quite an engineering feat in itself. I must say, I was definitely impressed.

Not only that, the view from each hotel/casinos are all worth every penny you spend, with a sudden explosion of colour amidst acres of barren land, and a horizon of grand mountainous view. Truely, if there could be a view filled with such curious panorama, it would be here...

Anyway, I have had the priviledge to expereince this awesome city in two separate occasions, for a total span of 9 days, both of which were spent in jolly admiration and exploration of the city. I would let the pictures do the talking from here...



Belagio across the water
 The same could be said about the interiors as well...

Ceasar's palace
The city never loses its charm even at night fall... In fact the city livens up with more extravagance and ecstatic lights at night... There is also a water fountain show in the massive artificial pond in front of Belagio, across the street from Paris every quarter of an hour that gives a spectacular show with the most perfect view of Vegas Paris.
View from Belagio
Water show

Water fountain show
Water fountain show
Strip view from overhead foot crossing
 I promanaded through most of the strip, walking from one end at the welcoming sign, all the way till almost the end of the other side. I still had a few things left to discover like the Stratosphere. But anyway, in all it has been an excellent experience and will definitely recommend for everyone to come and visit at least once in their lifetime to really taste the true essence of Vegas. And that's all for now from me. Next stop... East coasts of Miami baby ;)

until then,

Love always,