Merry Xmas

A very merry Xmas to all! I know, I know... The blog has been unfortunately dormant due to an extremely busy and hectic schedule with my PhD, combined with stress and all that comes with it! (Believe me, it's not easy being me :p)

2016 would definitely be more organised, updated, and entertaining along with all the posts pending form this year cause believe me (or not), 2015 has been anything but dull. It has in fact been an incredible year with lots of events and adventures. So, with that promise, wishing you all a very...

Here is a little photo-shoot in the festive colour of the season, red, that I did with my mom, who has been so incredible and so accommodating with my dramas and tantrums, and even allowing me to borrow her beloved poinsettias... Love you mom :*!

With lotsa love,