Last minute halloween costumes

So with halloween just around the corner, here are five very very easy last minute costumes that you can do in less than a pound... You ready?

Okay let's go...

Number 1: The woeful child of Wednesday!

Seriously, iconic AND easy... 

Wednesday is a pale, dark haired fictional character from the cartoon and show Addams Family. She normally wears a dark shift
dress with white collar and cuffs that may or may not have a row of buttons running down her dress, two neat braids, black stalkings and black pair of pums. Ever since the Cristina Ricci version, a touch of dark lipstick is also added for extra grim.

All you would need:

So yup, that is pretty much it, and guess what most of them are generally readily available in a girl's wardrobe!  So, there you go! One costume down, four more to go... 

 Moving on...

Number 2: "Steaming up the punk"

Couple of years ago I did my own last minute steampunk costume all thanks to the already equipped wardrobe of mine. This one is kind of a bigger themed costume than the rest, and not every one could have the props already to dress up like a character from the steampunk era. But fear not, here are a few tips whether you do or don't happen to have a couple of items available:
  • Ruffled and lacey skater dress
  • Classy boots
  • Steampunk corset, dark waist coat (leather or otherwise), or broad brown belt
  • Vintage jewellery
  • Fishnet stalkings

Alternatively, you can wear a white ruffle shirt either with a heavy maxi skirt all topped with the corset/broad belt. 

Here's mine from two years ago:

And the fun part is, this costume can also easily be passed on for pirate!

Number 3: Riding to the sun like a real Cowboy/girl

*This one is for the gentlemen too*

"Bang bang, he shot me down

Bang bang, I hit the ground

Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down!"

Cowboy or cowgirl ensemble has to be one of the easiest to obtain. Once again, most of the items may as well be already in your wardrobe. All you might have to add is a straw hat or a red bandana.

Here is a simple version:
  • Plaid or denim buttoned-down shirt (find one here)
  • Pair of denim jeans, skirt or shorts. A comfy pair of bell-bottom jeans also work just as fine.
  • Cool big leather belt.
  • Pair of brown boots. The more texan the better!
  • A straw hat (here)
You can definitely level it up with a nice black or brown waist coat, a red bandana to go around the neck, and a gun-holder belt to hold your fake guns.

Number 4: Nurse

This is almost the exact opposite of Wednesday costume, just a white shift dress, a white hat or bandana with a red cross on it (drawn with red sharpie if you'd like), white fish net stalkings, and black, white or red pums.

Number 5: Corpse or Zombie

*Another one for both men and women*

Now, if all fails, here is something you can do... JUST SPLASH BLOOD EVERYWHERE! Gosh, there can be nothing more simpler than THIS... wear whatever, darken a large circle around your eyes, and add fake blood or red food colouring all over... AND THAT IS LITERALLY IT!!! No, I'm serious, you don't need anything else. 

Well, of course you can always do your own advanced make up with prosthetics and special kits if you can get hold of them in time like so:

Click image for source

Hope that helps with your costume ideas... I will be doing DIYs on my own costumes this whole week... Hope you enjoy them :)

Till then... Tudalu!!