Eastbourne: Seven Sisters

(No photo edits of any kind... The day was as bright as you can see and colours as vibrant...)

Another post, another coast... So, on the 1st of August, my friends and I took a little trip to the eastern coasts of sussex, to the splendour of Seven sisters. Seven sisters is a place that is literally straight out of the calendar... It is that perfect... 

Okay, getting to East sussex is a bit of a trip, we needed to take a train from Southampton till Brighton (the main change for all trains going further east) and then change for the train to Eastbourne. From there, we needed a bus that goes straight to the sight, which isn't a big deal as it being so popular with tourists you would find plenty of ways to get to the coast, however, the cheapest mean was to take the number 12, 12A or 13 bus from Eastbourne bus station to the Country Park that passes the heritage on its way to Brighton. It is about an hour long ride and would cost about £4 at the most. More on transportation here.

The walk from the bus stop to the coast is about 30-45 minutes trek both East and west side of the riverine, and it cannot be crossed in-between as there are no connecting bridges, hence choose before making your way at the very start which side would you like to see. I went to both the sides and I personally prefer the east coast that has a more scenic pathway and gives you a beautiful view of the chalky mountain range from the opposite cliff top. Whereas the west side of the riverine is more of a plain grazing field for the cattle and sheep, however this is the end from where the seven sisters cliffs are more accessible and can be walked up to.


Our first trek was to the west side since we weren't aware of the lack of bridges between the two sides over the riverine. So, after getting all the way to the waterfront, we spent about an hour by the waterfront and had a little picnic in the sun.

After spending another 30 mins at the western end chatting, listening music, and just basking in the sun, we decided to walk up to the eastern side as the lanscape looked more interesting on the other side of the river. Also located at the eastern cliff are the famous cottages that have made their appearances in many a calendars in the past, and I can see why ❤️

Like I mentioned before, we had to head all the way back to the bus stop before heading down to the coast from the other side of the river. We made a quick toilet and mandatory tea break at the pub right up the road from the bus stop before making our way up the eastern pathway. The pathway was much more scenic and hillier on this side, and the way to the coast was paved with golden flowers... 

June-August is the best time to go visit the place as it is both favoured by weather as well as nature, all ablaze with flowery beauty. On the way we also enjoyed the occasional sight of natural fauna such as bunnies and squirrels.

Finally, once atop of the cliff at the end of the pathway, the view of the seven sisters cliff, accentuated by the cozy cottages, is a sight to dearly behold and cherish... We didn't want to come back at allllll! Lol... I think it would be a brilliant place to camp during summer, an idea I am happy to implement sometime...

We stayed until almost time to walk back to the bus stop in order to catch the last bus. It would have been great to be able to stay until sun down but the bus services stop way before then. Anyway, If travelling via public transportation, watch out for the time table for both weekdays and weekends in order to time yourself correctly to catch the right bus. The busses run either hourly on weekends or slightly more frequent on weekdays. 

With that ends my brief yet happy accounts of the summer trail at Eastbourne. See ya until next coastal trip sometime xxx