DIY: Summer tank top

It's been quite a while since my last DIY, and I must admit I have been itching to try SOOOOOOO many DIYs, but alas, all the travelling and work has got me really tied, both financially and time-wise, and I really want to take some time off to dedicate generous amount of quality time to my DIYs. So, this summer, I did a really easy and quick DIY to make a funky summer crop top that spells style and grunge at the same time while still very summery. 

All you need is:

 1. An old pair of tights of preferred colour, I chose black
2. A pair of scissors

Here's what you gotta do:

1. Take your tights and either hang them by a hanger or lay it flat on the work surface.

2. Now, cut 2-3 inches off the tip of the tights. There are two ways to do this, either fold the tights in half and cut the legs off at the same time, or cut them off individually.

3. Now lastly, cut out the neck of the crop top. Just cut out a U-shape around the mid-section of the tights like shown. Now, I know it looks small but trust me, they REEEEAALLY stretch out far!

Just put it on over a bra or a sports bra...
And there you have it!

But here's a surprise, like I said, the tights stretch well, so the top not only work as a crop top but can also be stretched into a proper top AND an off-shouldered top!

So summer,