In the lavender field...

I await the summer like the frogs await rain,
I duely wish for it again and again,
I look forward to the sun and the crystal clear sky, 
Bright and crisp, warm and dry.
With whiff of freshness in the air,
From early April I prepare,
For the lovely sweet lavenders to bloom,
Filling the atmosphere with its perfume.
In the purple fields of wonder,
Armed with scents so strong that linger,
The smell that never fails to charms me,
I lie in its loving surrender.
But soon do the seasons change,
The cosmic motions rearrange,
Summer always seems so fleeting, 
Like a worried heart's intense beating,
It leaves as the autumn leaves begin to fall,
As if to attend another nature's call,
I will wait for summer once more with wonder,
When I would walk again amongst the sweet Lavender...
                                                                           -Jahnabi Basumatary