5 Last Minute Beauty and Hygiene Hacks

Fashionistas like me generally like to be prepared for their day from the start, but what if you don't have the time? I know we don't always have time to shower when on a busy schedule or while traveling. We may, at some point, reach a time when we have to get ready for an occasion at the last moment and we don't have much time in hand due to all sorts of reasons like waking up late, rescheduling, sudden plans, forgetting to pack the travel kit, and what not... Here are some quick hacks on what you could do during emergency. It can be applied to folks, both men and women, who love to travel, and for ones at home who suddenly find themselves out of toiletries. However, of course, it's by default that you would require to have a few of these items in your shelves and the emergency beauty first aid (if you don't have one, WELL GET ONE ALREADY!!!)

Always have your emergency beauty first aid handy ;)

1. Body fix: 

We do get those days when schedule is tight and the days are hot. It's worse when you can't get the time to shower. 
Well, don't just deodorise, improvise! For the times when you are either on road or in a hurry and have an emergency no-shower cases, using hand sanitisers and fragrant wet wipes can be extremely effective in keeping your BO at bay considerably. 

Hand Sanitisers
You could buy one from a local store if not carrying any. Just wipe the target areas such as armpits, neck, face, and the privates. For men, if you don't prefer the scented wet wipes then you could also use the anti-bacterial ones, however, they do smell quite a lot like anti-septics. Then dab some hand sanitisers on the nether-regions that are especially heavy on sweat glands. If you have talc powder, feel free to use them too. This keeps you from getting easily sweaty and sticky. Simple, fast and easy! Once you are feeling fresher, THEN you can go ahead and use deo or perfume. Chances are you won't even need to...

By the way, don't make this a habit though, DO SHOWER at least 3-4 times a week.

2. Hair fix

Hair, whether greasy or unkempt can be easily managed with a few household items for a quick fix. In case of livening up greasy flat hair, use home-made dry shampoos. Here's my post on how to make your own home-made dry shampoo

Home-made dry shampoo
You can also use (unsweetened) cocoa powder for dark hair, or talc for lighter hair to give them greasy hair a quick dry and bouncy look. If the hair is unkempt, use a tiny bit of olive oil or hand cream to set it. This also works well when you don't have hair gel to give a neat set look.

Ironing the hair with hot iron is actually quite a cool trick, as a matter of fact it actually works better on a little greasy hair, however that is obviously not a quick fix in my opinion, but just a tip in case you ever wanted to straighten hair and didn't have a straightener at home (we will touch more on this some other day!). Just remember, keep it to minimal to avoid hair damage, be safe and take care of the hair. 

3. Teeth

what to do when you forget to pack toothpaste or toothbrush in your travel pack, suddenly decide to crash at your friend's place or just run out of some in the most inconvenient of times? Well, I'll be honest, this has indeed happened to me one too many times, and it can indeed be extremely irritating if not infuriating. My remedy? Use whatever is on hand, either the brush or the paste. Rinse thoroughly and make sure there isn't any food particle left behind to your best knowledge. 

If you are at home and you run out of tooth paste but don't have the time to go for a quick shopping, it is generally much easier to tackle. Just use brush, floss and mouthwash. If you have baking soda (which you should due to all the amazing wonders it can do) you can brush with that too. In case you forgot the toothbrush then you can use cotton buds, your own finger or even the corner of your towel. Again, use floss and mouthwash. If incase you forgot the whole kit while on the road, then here's a trick I've read in history, use common or rock salt! Rinse well after scrubbing the teeth with your fingers. 

4. Breath control: 

For mouth freshener here's an interesting hack, and get this, just eat an apple! Yup, you read it right, an apple! Of course mint works fine but apple is the best natural remedy for breath control, that could also prevent the possible tooth decay due to the sugar in the mint. It also works as an excellent healthy breakfast, so, 2 kills in one shot ;)

 Apple bite
Apple mouth freshener

5. Face fix

This one is a bit more of a beauty fix at home than travel fix. In case you need to fix your face real quick with little or no make-up, first, wash your face with cold water. Dry the face and then either apply face cream or a tiny bit of olive oil to give it a nice sheen and glow for dry skins, or apply talc or face powder for oily skins. I don't use make-up for my day-to-day work so don't have to worry much about it, but if I have an occasion/party to attend I would just very quickly touch up my eye, use my favourite Maybeline matte mouse foundation cream, and (very occasionally) wear a lip stick. I will do the tutorial soon. 

For the ones on road, if no water available, use wet wipes (from your trusty beauty first aid kit) and use the items from your make-up kit if available, you can also use hand cream to keep your face moisturised and scented, otherwise just leave it so...


And that's it! Hope you liked my quick beauty and hygiene hacks. You may have already known some, and might also be happy to know the others. Let me know of more hacks that you personally have discovered, that have saved your day. I am here to learn from you :)

Loads of love <3

sJB l