Piña colada ice cream

I love pineapple but I don't much like coconut as a fruit/snack, either on its own or on desserts, I don't much mine coconut milk however, and I don't drink a whole lot so rum is definitely not my drink, however I absolutely LOVEEEE piña colada!! Every holiday it is my most favourite must-drink cocktail... So this summer, I though to try something new to combat the summer heat (ahem! It is actually quite welcomed here in UK)... So here is my easy recipe for a refreshing no-churn piña colada ice cream!


1 cup double cream, 
1/2-1 a shot of Morgan spice rum (quantity and brand changeable depending on your taste bud), 
1 shot of pineapple juice, 
1 tablespoon coconut flakes, 
1/4 cup coconut cream, 
2 tablespoon honey, 
blue colouring if you'd like... 

You can always adjust one or the other ingredient to suit your liking.


1. Whisk the cream, honey and coconut cream together until soft peak appear.
2. Add the rum and fold, then add pineapple juice and gently fold again. You can also add food colouring at this step.
3. Finally add the small coconut flakes and fold one last time.
4. Transfer to a freezer safe tub, mind you the mixture is quite liquidy hence after each hour for up to 3 hours, go back to the freezer and give the ice cream a good stir to break the crystals from forming.... 

And there you go! Sink into the sweet flavours of the Caribbean...