Pickwell Farm

Pick your own strawberries...
This summer I decided to do something fun - pick my own strawberries and raspberries from the local farm, Pickwell. Well, not quite as local as the massive farm is about 18 minutes train journey from Southampton, located at Netley, Hampshire. Pickwell farm is an organic pick-your-own farm that grows varieties of fruits and vegetables that can be picked by anyone. The Pick and Pay fields are open from 9am until 4.30pm seven days a week during season. Here's the website, although it is not as helpful as the facebook page I found. You will find all the informations on facebook about where to go, what fresh produce are available, and when is the best time to pick... The farmland site consists of approximately 30 acres of woodland and field set in the stunning Manor Farm Country Park, which further extends for a 400 acres, now classed under the site of special scientific interest (SSSI).


Pickwell Farm
Grange Road, 
Netley, Bursledon,
 SO31 8GD,


Opening times:

From 1st April – 30th September 
Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 5pm

From 1st October – 31st March
Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Anyway, the best way to get there is to take a train till Netley station and then walking from the station to the farm as it is about 20-25 minutes away on foot, however, to be honest the road is not quite fit for walking (it doesn't really have a proper pavement). I must say, since both my folks are avid gardeners (well dad is mostly a critic than a gardener himself, LOL!) I have always had so much fun just hand picking my own FRESHEST of the produce with my folks. So, you can imagine how excited I had been for this day since weeks, and the amazing weather did add to the experience as well...

Coming to my pick of the day, I picked almost 2 kilos of the red, sweet and succulent strawberries, and I swear to God, these have been the best strawberries I have EVER tasted. They were really sooooo sweet, even the yellow ones that I almost craved for some tang! Also, they were pretty cheap compared to the market price, so double win! I also picked some raspberries that I ate up on spot cause I'm such a fat bastard, and I also tried some black currants but honestly, they aren't my favourites. Other highlights of the farm were the lovely flowers, produce and garden tools in the farm shop, and also the delicious looking runner beans that were not really quite ready yet but soon.

Here are the highlights from my amazing day at the Pickwell farm.

Gateway to the fields
Strawberries and runner beans

Part of my pick
Lots and lots of strawberries
My pick and my strawberry dress ;)
Rows of red strawberries... 
Nature's gifts

Picking my fresh picks
All the strawberries I could pick and.... Eattttt!
Black currant shrub
Furrows of black currant
One single branch of enormous treasure...
Black currants

Green beans
Runner beans getting ready...

Yummy runner beans
Ripe and fresh raspberries
Raspberry shrubs laden with ripped berries