No-churn Strawberry and cream ice cream

I'm an engineer, a very lazy engineer, I like trying new things, and I'm poor. So I like to try things in the most efficient way without breaking too much sweat and with the items already at disposal. So, recalling my fantastic strawberry picking sessions at the pick-you-own Pickwell farm, Netley, I wanted to make something special this summer with the delicious fresh picks... And so, I decided to make some strawberry ice cream which is both easy and delicious. Trust me, it only takes 3 ingredients, 1 simple step, a blender, and a freezer proof container. And there you have it, easy and quick dessert. 

Here's what you need...

1. 1 large bowl of fresh strawberries, 
2. 100ml of condensed milk, 
3. 100ml of double cream

There are two ways to make this ice cream...

Method 1: Either make the cream and condensed milk mixture first by whipping the two together until soft peaks form, then crush strawberries in a blender and add it to the cream mixture, folding the two into red and white swirls. 


Method 2: Add everything in a blender and blend all the ingredients in one go. You can also add some sugar or syrup if you wish but I find that condensed milk is generally really sweet, and the strawberries were quite sweet too, so, I didn't add any. 

Either method works fine I found. As delicious as the final product is, I must say the procedure is as simple as it can get. I added all my ingredients together in one go, blended them till it was thick and creamy. You can also add vanilla extract if you so desire.

Next, transfer everything into a freezer proof tub and freeze for 2-3 hour. Give it a nice little whip two more times at an interval of 1 hour for it to refrain from crystallising due to water content in strawberry.

Serve with whipped cream, berries, nuts, syrup, or just the way it is and dig right in🍧!

JB’s Kitchen