Chocolate Biscuit pudding

This has to be the very first pudding recipe my mom taught me when I was 10. It is so simple and fool-proof that I can guarantee anyone and everyone can make it without going wrong! Just a simple chocolate-custard-biscuit layered pudding. Mom of course used to up it a notch by making her own chocolate custard but I'll do a simpler DIY recipe so that those with the incling for easy comfort food with lower hassles can prepare this in no time...

This is a very simple 3-ingredients recipe indeed unless you are going for preparing your own chocolate-custard. I love the 3 ingredients puddings, very handy to impress your friends with, especially on short notice, or just to prepare it as comfort food🍪🍫🍮...


So, for my pudding, I used
  • 1 pack of mcvities biscuit,
  • 500 ml Custard and
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips or 4-5 tablespoons of drinking chocolate



First of all, heat custard and chocolate in a bowl together in the microwave according to the instructions on the custard pack. Mix them together till well combined. 

Meanwhile layer a freezer safe container or deep dish with mcvities biscuits. Try your best to cover all the corners by breaking the biscuits and crushing them into gaps.

Layer a container with biscuits. Spoon a layer of choco-biscuit mixture over the biscuit layer. Repeat the layering till the top or till the mixture finishes. 

Sprinkle chocolate chips or layer with fresh cream and refrigerate for minimum 1-2 hours. Serve chilled!

Now, DIG IN!!!