White - the colour of life...

The colour white symbolizes peace, clarity, radiance, purity, light and tranquility... It's the universal colour that needs no language... It's the most common colour in the world and the most loved. I'm not a poet, but I write what I feel. And white is one of the few colours that make me feel many different things at the same time... Here is a photoshoot done named: tranquility. I love the bushes at my uni that is at it's best blooming frenzy at the moment... I took a chance to do the photoshoot in my colour coordinated dress :) Hope you like it... (Do pardon the poetry please! :p)


It is the colour we think of when we imagine angels sing, 
it is the colour that we think of when we hear the wedding bells ring...


It is everywhere yet nowhere.
It is the colour of nothing, yet everything...

 It is the colour of the puffy clouds, the snow on the ground,
the dripping vanilla ice cream, the lovely flowers profound.

It is the colour of the foam in the sea, the creamy milk,
the soothing moon, the smooth silk.

It is the colour of the blank pages, the dazzling light,
the lighting in the sky, the ender of a fight.

It draws you in,
it can reflect everything...

It fills you with sweet serenity and peace,
It exists even when all else cease...

We can write our whole life on it,
But we can never write it...

It is the essence of my mother's love,
It is a reflection of the heavens above.

White is not just a colour rife,
It's indeed a way of life...

hhhTHE ENDhhh