Dress art...

I love fashion and I love art, hence I absolutely love fashion art too. As a kid I used to love designing clothes as a hobby, although they were kinda silly, LOL! I also did aspire to be a designer once upon a time, but I never saw through it. Anyway, here are some of my own fashion artwork of simple gowns I designed with some of my own favourite types of prints and designs. I designed 8 strapless and backless gowns, 6 of them are flared ball gown designs whereas 2 of them are sheath/column style. The artwork is very simple and not quite the way I draw, but rather a quick doodle. I also experimented a little, I especially love floral prints, porcelain prints, and pastel colours for my dresses. I also tried to work with textures like sequin, pleats, brocade and embellishments.

1. Floral gown

2. Porcelain dresses

a. Porcelain ball gown

b. Porcelain column dress

3. Backless lilac gown

4. Goldfish dress

5. Brocade backless dress

6. 2-piece black top and skirt

7. Embellished 2-toned dress with a giant bow