Red, White and Green... My favourite kind of Salad

I usually didn't regard salads as proper meal (for myself only of course) however, it is only recently that I have started eating them occasionally as main course. Well, don't get me wrong, I do love salads, but mostly as sides. Still, this one recipe always makes my day. It's easy, it's yummy, it's an absolute winner, and the juicy tomato tang, the creamy avocado smoothness, the tingling herbs, and all that packed with cheesy mozzarella goodness, I don't think anything else compares...


1. 50-75 g mozzarella cheese
2. I large ripe and juicy tomato
3. 1 avocado
4. 1 cup baby spinach leaves (you can also use basil leaves)


1. 1 teaspoon Salt
2. 1 teaspoon mixed italian herbs
3. 1 teaspoon black pepper
4. Dash of olive oil

Wash all the raw ingredients, skin the avocado, chop up everything and add in a bowl. Then season with all the seasonings. Toss it all up well till everything is nicely mixed. You could also add some chopped walnuts or seeds if not allergic.

Now dig into the delectable freshness!!!