Pancake cake with strawberry cream

Here's an incredibly delicious and easy way to present a cake… Well, a stacked pancake cake to be precise. I love cakes however, one my partner's birthday I wanted to try something different… Last year I presented his with lots of cupcakes piled together as his birthday cake, so this year I used pancakes. Now, the pancake recipe can be any that you like, I just got lazy bought myself some pre made pancakes with chocolate chips. But anyway, pancake cake I feel is less time consuming, but more involving. But who doesn't like extra touch? Besides, you can have several innumerable filling and spread alternatives and stack up a cake in no time!

The catch is with the filling than the pancake itself… Here's what I used:

1. 1/2 cup Elmlea cream
2. 1/3rd cup sugar
3. 10-11 medium straberries
4. Pink colouring (optional)
5. Strawberry or vanilla essence (optional)
6. Philadelphia cream cheese (you can also use a vegan alternative to make it fully vegan).

Make the filling/cream by putting the strawberries, cream, sugar, cream cheese, colour and essence in the food processor and blending everything up. One trick I learned a while ago is that food processors make some of the best whipped cream I have ever tried, fluffy, stiff, thick and creamy, so this is an excellent way to make my frostings…

Now layer each pancake with the strawberry cheese cream while stacking them up one after another.

Top it up with generous amount of the strawberry cream.

Garnish with some strawberry slices…

Serve immediately or chilled*!

Well, it looks a bit more messy than a nice and neat frosted cake but my partner didn't seem to complain, in fact he gobbled it in one go with extra strawberry cream on, so I guess we do have a winner here ;)

*Note: If you want to save it for later, best keep it refrigerated and eat within a day since the pancakes with get extremely soggy.

Anyway, try out this recipe and let me know what you think.

Until next time…