Happy shopping, it's Friday!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Neon is back in town!!!

I just had a big shopping spree at my local Primark and boy am I gutted to have spent so much :O! But I think in the end it's all worth it. But ya, one thing I realised while at Primark is that the porcelain, tribal prints, and most importantly neon is making its comeback this season again after all the cold and the rain. Yay!!! 

You know, I always say that to know exactly what is trending each season, go and look at the most popular, lesser expensive shops than others since that's where the trend sells like hot cakes!!! Now I can definitely be sure of what you will see more of this season! So giddy up cause I hope you are ready for the sun and to get gaudy this spring in bright neon colours, drafty bottoms and Crochets...

Well, true as it may be, media and surroundings do dictate our personal tastes quite a bit, and we oblige without much retaliation consciously or otherwise. After all, if we see something very often, whether we prefer it or not, we soon get used to it, and not long after we start to covet it! But I won't throw philosophy today since I am indeed in a good mood cause I just did my shopping (god it's so therapeutic!) and I am, after all, leaving for Toronto tomorrow at the crack of dawn! 

So, with that I wish you a happy weekend. 

See you at Toronto next!