Easter Egg painting

Right, here's another list for this easter! I know you all must have have already seen these amazing easter egg arts million times before, I mean they are all so amazing and all over the DIY blogs, in fact I guess they are probably the most googled posts especially during easter time. But still, I thought why not list it out one more time for my lovely DIYers here!

So, here's my list for 10 best ways to paint eggs, they are easy, amazing and you can work with what you have since everything is quite readily available at most homes:

1. Nail paint art

Okay, how easy can this be? Wonderful marble art on eggs using exactly the same (or easier if I may say so) technique as nail art with nail polish and water.

2. Doodle it your way...

Another famous one is this terribly easy DIY for egg decor with doodle. Just grab your sharpie and off you go...

Alisa Burke

3. Vegetable dyes

Now, I have known about organic dyes for a long time. My mom has used it couple of times herself for home DIYs. Lovely shades of red, blue, yellow are so easily achievable. Just cut vegetables (note: here is a list of vegetables that can be used), simmer them for a while till the colours come out, sieve it out in a cup, add the eggs and white vinegar, and you are done!

4. Silk ties

Slightly unusual one, I was quite skeptical about this one till I saw how well it works. Use random pretty printed silk ties (just ask your granddad for one :p), add vinegar and BOOM!

5. Ombre edible dyes

Another easy one, use edible food dye for this, leave raw eggs (caused boiled ones float) in for few minutes, then keep adding water at regular interval till you reach the top.

6. Marbles Devil eggs

Now here's a cool one. Again, use edible dyes for this one... Fully boil the eggs, slightly crack the shell all over, dip in colour and leave it overnight. Yummy colours!

7. Diva gilded eggs

I love the golden accent to anything, be it decor, clothings, accessories or even food. Little gold it always good! 

8. Imprinted eggs

Nice and organic, I love anything to do with nature… Use edible leaves like coriander, parsley, mint, etc., cheesecloth and natural dye such as onion skins so that you can still eat it later. Dyeing process is exactly as the natural dye one.

9. Shaving cream and food dye

An intriguing one using shaving cream and food colour. I was again skeptical at first but then saw it work wonderfully. So, yes, a really cool and easy way to colour them eggs.

10. Surprise egg!

Well, this one just takes the cake, cause they are filled with sweet treats. A mini egg piñata! So, ya, definitely my most favourite!

So, these were my 10 favourite easy-peesy easter egg DIYs for which, I guess it is safe to say, I don't necessarily have to break my bank. Here are 21 more creative and quirky ways to decorate easter eggs…. Have fun and

Happy easteR