DIY Nail art: Daisies

What else could feel more spring and Eastery than fresh daisies? So, here's my DIY nail art on daisies with pastel blue background to give the extra freshness to the look. Hope you like it...

You'd need:

1. Blue nail paint
2. White nail paint
3. Yellow nail paint
4. Clear coat nail paint

Step 1: Coat the nails with blue paint

Step 2: Make 5 dots to form the daisy petals. I used the nail polish brush but if you like perfection you can also use a dotting tool. Any size is fine, and you can make as many as you like.

Step 3: Next, use a yellow nail paint and make little dots in the centre of the flowers.

Step 4: Top coat it with a clear gel or nail paint and there you go!

Fresh as a Daisy: