DIY: Egg shell pendant - Lapis lazuli

Here's my second edition of egg shell jewellery inspired by my travel expeditions to exotic places. This time it is Chile! I have chosen the unique gem found mostly in Chile, and many regions of Asia. I was so excited to see them that I decided to get myself a pair of earrings. Read about my Chile adventure here

Inspiration: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Elephant

These gorgeous blue stones are simple breathtaking with little glimmers of gold amidst the blue. The marble rock is made of various compounds giving it the brilliant colours. It has been used since centuries for anything from jewellery to painting pigments.
Fun fact: the name of the colour Azure originates from this very stone itself, for its Devine colour.

Anyway, here I have tried to recreate the beauty of this amazing stone using egg shells and shrinkable plastic. Hope you like it :)
Here's how:


1. Shrinkable plastic
2. Pen
3. Pair of scissors
4. Egg shells
5. Hole puncher
6. White marker
7. Metallic markers and nail paint
8. Deep blue markers
9. PVA glue
10. Brush
11. File
12. A cup of hot chocolate ;)

Step 1: First draw out the outline of a few different sized circles. I drew several sizes since I wasn't sure by how much does the plastic actually shrink. Generally it is to the 1/4th of the size.

Step 2: Next cut the circles out and punch a little hole at one end of the circle so that you can put a jump ring through it.

Step 3: Bake in oven till it shrinks. It takes about 2-3 minutes on a grill.

Step 4: Apply golden paint on the pendant (optional), and then apply glue all over the surface.

Step 5: Next, stick on the egg shells. Just gently push the egg shells down on the pendant. Let dry before filing off the zagged edged. Then coat it again with another layer of glue and let dry while you enjoy some hot chocolate to unwind ;)

Step 6: Coating time! Paint it with white nail paint first, then coat it either with a dark blue nail paint or colour it with deep blue marker. Covering the entire pendant, front and back.

Step 7: Finally, add details to the pendant with golden nail paints to make it bling, and also draw speckles with the white marker. 

And there you have it!

Pretty neat eh?

I absolutely love how pretty it turned out to be. Now add a jump ring and loop it through a chain! Let me know what you think… Till then,

Love always...