DIY: Egg Shell Pendant - Blue Larimar

So, I have decided that since I always find something inspirational from my travels, I am starting my own DIYs of jewellery, art or other such hobbies that take me back to those memories…

So, starting from my first trip last year, I will be doing DIY on pendants made from egg shell to resemble the rare and unique precious stones of these places, where applicable. The reason I chose this is because a) these stones are so beautiful, b) egg shell crafts are so god damn fun! 

So, first up - Dominican Republic's very own finest, Light blue Larimar.

These stones are only found in Dominican Republic and I had the opportunity to witness their beauty first hand last year in Jan, read all about my adventure here. Since then I have been meaning to recreate these babies. Here's how:

You'd need:

1. 1 egg shell
2. A brass or any metal pendant blank
3. White and blue nail paints
4. White and blue markers
5. Super glue
6. Necklace string


1. First, I glued the egg shells on the pendant blank with the super glue. Now I used a quick dry so I couldn't take images since it had to be fairly quick. I just applied the glue and then gently pressed down the egg shells onto the glued pendant.

2. Next, I applied the white nail paint all over the egg shells.

3. Then I applied the blue nail paint while the white one was still slightly wet. It creates lovely marble effect.

4. Next for the details, I applied white marker and blue markers for a little more details and stone effects.

And there you go, my own precious gem! I also made a little one on an oval shrink plastic. It looks quite like the real deal...

It's not perfect but I still quite like the zagged edges look. What do you think? 

Love always...