Deep Forest (World Mix)

This has to be the most soothing album in the whole wide world… In the history of music… Every song is earthly with the hint of jungle groove, and rhythm divine… Even if the beat is fast, it is still very calming… I first heard about them when I was about 11 and since then I have been hooked. They never get old...

My favourite from this platinum winning album has to be the 2nd track: Sweet Lullaby.

I also like track no. 6: Savanna Dance

Here's the full playlist:
01 Deep Forest 
02 Sweet Lullaby
03 Hunting
04 Night Bird
05 The First Twilight
06 Savana Dance
07 Desert Walk
08 White Whisper
09 The Second Twilight
10 Sweet Lullaby [Ambient Mix]
11 Sweet Lullaby [Round the World Mix][-]
12 Sweet Lullaby [Apollo Mix][-]
13 Deep Forest [Sunrise at Alcatraz][-]
14 Forest Hymn [Apollo Mix][-]
15 Forest Hymn