Trend Alert: Wild and Tribal...!

Tribal print is anything from explosion of colours on busy geometric prints to monochrome ethnic patterns, it may also include pictographic wildlife cave drawings... I absolutely love tribal prints but I'll be honest, before now I had no idea what print is called what, or the difference between one print to another. "Tribal print" is a very generalised term used for any ethnic print aboriginal to an ethnic tribe of a country. It may include various different patterns from chincle to ganado, batik to tapa prints, and so on that incorporate both geometric designs and mixture of brilliant colours. Yes, terming them all as "tribal" print may be wrong in the eyes of the fashion police but seriously, will you even care to remember to name them precisely each and every time???

Well, I take my travels quite seriously, and am beginning to take my fashion seriously too, so I have tried to incorporate some fashion to my travels and come up with my own travel statements that suit me :) here are some of my own tribal print inspired styles during my visit to one of the most colourfully beautiful countries in the world, Chile.

I have incorporated colourful batik and tapa prints with a lovely batik tunic dress paired with a tapa print bracelet and colourful tasseled earrings. I also wore my DIY tribal shoes that perfectly matched with my outfit.

I know it's not much but I hope you liked my little style statment... Stay tuned for fun posts on more travelling and more fashion...

Lotsa love...