Quirky abstract photo art

I love photography but I'll be honest, my camera sucks and photography is not yet my strongest skill... So, I use Aviary on my phone sometimes to get some pretty effects on my pictures. Well, let's face it, we all use some amount of photoshop every now and then, good photographer or not... Anyway, I like to play around with the effects I get in the app during my free time sometimes, and I recently bought some new effects and such to experiment a bit with my images... As a result, I came up with these quirky picture effects in abstract geometric and floral themes that I seem to like alot...

...and we go wild...

Killing with one stare

Born free

Flower garden

Take me away...

Much thanks to my lovely girl friend Sreeparna for her pictures I ruined... She is such a darling! The type of effects I used were mostly frames and stickers. I also used colour splash for my most favourite effect of all, like the ones here. The stickers I used:
1. Travel
2. Blossom
3. Pastel
4. Original
And for frames, I mostly like to use:
1. Angles
2. Drift
3.Original dotted rim 
 Let me know what you like to use and how you like to play around with your photo editing tools... Until next time,

Hasta la vista!