Last-minute DIY Costume: Batwoman


Hey everyone, so last night was my friend's birthday party, and the party theme was "Heroes and villains". Well, I am such a geek, growing up with fictions, sci-fi movies, comic books and loadssss of cartoons, I have soooooo many fav. characters I don't know where to start!

However, I like to make or have my own costume but I had been quite busy working on other things that I totally forgot about preparing my costume. So, ultimately as a last resort, I turned to my friends for help and very kindly, a wonderful friend offered to lend me her cape! Now, the theme strictly said "No cape" but oh well, either this or nothing, and I am a pretty good sport for most occassions so yup, cape it is. I'm sure the costume and the end result would make up for this (or so I hoped)...

So, I went ahead with the most easiest character I could come up with: Batwoman (mind you, not Batgirl... Totally different outfits... Ok rant over!).

Now, if you want to go for a hardcore cosplay, you'd need:
1. A PVC catsuit, 
2. A red wig, 
3. A cool PVC/leather mask, 
4. Pair of red gloves with blades, 
5. A red uitlity belt, 
6. Pair of red boots, and
7. A proper cape with red underside.

But, remember, my costume is very "last-minute" assemble, so no cool gadgets or red wigs, but the result turned out still pretty cool.

Here's what I used:
1. Black trousers
2. Black high neck, full-sleeves top
3. A broad belt
4. Pair of black boots
5. A cape
6. Black faux-leather gloves
7. And a cool make-up artist!

First, the costume:

So, I had a pair of black trousers that was prefect for this costume, I teamed it with my black high neck top with long sleeves. This was my base. 

My costumes
Next, I had to use batman logo to make it more authentic, so I printed out a large logo, covering most of an A4 size sheet, in red as you can see, the masked vigilante's costume comprises of black and red.
Bat logo
I cut the logo out and stuck it on my top with sticky tapes so that it is easily removable and doesn't damage my top.

Next was the belt, so I acquired this belt from a friend that just fit the occassion. Now, I wanted a bat logo on this too, you can either stick a logo on the belt or do what I did, and use your creativity ;) !!! I simply used my red and black sharpie pens and drew out my logo, and voila, your quick batgirl belt is ready!

... Aaaaannnnnd my Batwoman costume is ALLLLL ready!

Awesome possum!

Now for the mask:

Well, I can't yet become a vigilante without a mask now can I??? So, I tried to find batman mask to print and cut out but none of them seemed impressive enough. Just then I spotted this cool mask make-up and I decided to go with this instead... Call me funky!!

Batman mask makeup
Well, I could have done it myself but I wanted to make sure no mistakes were made since I was seriously running out of time (it was about 30minutes left for the party to start!!!) so I went to my lovely friend who is an expert in hena work and face paint. 

With her steady hands she first traced out an outline of the mask around the majority of my face using a felt-tipped eye liner... 

Outlining the mask....
...and then coloured it in with kohl just like crayon leaving my eye sockets untouched.

...And filling it in...
Now, to keep the kohl from spreading, I would suggest patting the mask down with talc or black eyeshadow powder, this way it won't go all over the place.

Big thanks to Samiksha Mestry for the mask make up!
The rest of my make up was  pretty simple with just a coral red lipstick to match the logo while I let my hair be as it is.

Finally, to finish the look I just put my cape and TADAAAAA!!!!

 Vigilante on the prowl!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my quick costume DIY... Until next time, 

You have my permission to leave!!!