Hilarious DIY Fails

So, I recently stumbled upon two extremely hilarious sites/people who like trying out the lovely creations posted on Pinterest and actually post the bloopers and fails. I mean, I respect the dedication but more than that I respect their attitude in taking life easy and laughing at themselves.

Check out Man Vs Pin by Threadbangers channel on youtube where the "Man" Rob attempts to recreat the amazing Pins requested by his viewer. He is not just so much fun and quite hilarious too who loves to swear and use fake blood all the time :p... Such an excellent insight on how much the pins are true/doable or just plain bullsh*t!!!

Now, the next person I have been totally amused by is Jenna from Pinterestfail who has tried some pins of her own and recorded the (mostly) fails along with how she could have saved it, (occasional) wins which turn out amazing, some "reanimated" products, and also couple of "user error" where she gets the pin almost right and details what she did wrong...

...and then there is the funny sarcasm...

So, inspired by them I have decided to start posting my own DIY bloopers that will prove I AM human :p So, to start with here's my own DIY fail, which of course I made it work for me since NO FAIL SHALL EVER STOP ME!!!

So, here's the original I followed for last year's valentine's day by Tatyana's everyday food:

Such beauties aren't they:
Original beauties
Right, so I tried my own, I went and bought a box of strawberries and some dark chocolate and white chocolate bars. I melted the chocolates separately in microwave for 20-30 seconds untill smooth.

My smooth chocolate melts

They seemed quite smooth in consistency so, I went ahead with taking one strawberry at a time with my skewers and dipping them in the chocolate, however, the chocolate hardened very quickly what with cold UK winter weather during February. I added layers with the tip of the strawberry in different colour. It looked alright with the two colours.

 Chocolate dipped...

But when I tried to get the stripes as Tatyana did, look what it turned up as:
 A pile of mess!

 Also, I was hoping to get this beautiful image if I cut them to half:

Frosted strawberries

Instead the chocolate wall was rather thinner than I wanted it to be:

My chocolate strawberries

May be I should have coated it several times and all over.
Also, some of the walls flaked away for a few of my strawberries, that ultimately ended up in my tummy than on my cake. For the rest, I just covered the mess with nuts and then decorated my cake with them... But like I said, I made it work for me anyway cause my guy didn't even bother savouring (or unsarouring) the sight before hogging on it, after all, it's just chocolate and strawberries, how bad can they get? In the end, it looked just as good (I guess :p) as it tasted :)

Yummy V-day cake

I hope you enjoyed that, stay tuned for more bloopers, I'm sure there will be many :p

Until then,

Hasta la vista baby!