Happy Birthday Anna

Today is Anna Atkins' birthday, the first lady photographer and the first person ever to publish an illustrated book with photographs of her main penchant - botany. She used "Cyanotype impression", the same methods used to create blue-prints by contact printing, as her method to capture the images without a camera (generally termed as photogram)  of common british seaweeds like algea in her first self published book "Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions". 


And ever since 1843, she inspired every one around the world to create their own photographic illustrations... Now that I call a major contribution to the modern society! To top that, cyanotype artwork has been really trendy among photographers... It kind of reminds me of my favourite print - blue and white porcelain.

Here are some of her photogramic and photographic artworks in the field of botany:



Beautiful aren't they? Hope you liked them too...

Until next time,