DIY inspiration: "Cute as a button"

"Button rings, button necklaces, button earrings, button bracelets,
Red buttons, blue buttons, yellow buttons, pink buttons,
Buttons here, buttons there, buttons everywhere,
Buttons of every shapes, every sizes, every colours, every types..."

Statement Rings
Chandelier Earrings
Statement necklaces
Gosh! I kinda feel like the button-eyed evil witch (other mother) from Coraline...

Honestly though, I am absolutely hooked on these cute and creative button jewellery DIYs... So trendy and cheerful... How can you ever go wrong with them??? They look rather easy to make and could add such a fabulous touch to any outfit... A must-have to add to my jewellery collection...

So my dearies, all I can say is stay tuned for future button DIYs. There will be plenty ;)