DIY costumes for men

Right, so you have a halloween or a regular costume party coming up and you don't know what to wear... Well, it's still not an excuse to put on a daiper and call yourself a baby... Yes guys, I have indeed seen grown men in nappies. Cannot unsee that, but at the same time it's quite hilarious. Anyway, here are some creative costumes I leart from my gentlemen friends who came up with these cool last minute really quick, easy, yet very impressive DIY costumes (some with the help of their lovely ladies)!

Gi thing!

For the ones with martial arts background or friends who do/did martial arts. I know now-a-days guys have someone or the other who does martial arts, so getting hold of a pair of gi should never be a worry. Here are two of the easiest costumes you can quickly make in no time using a black and a white gi.

Johnny from Karate kid

Here's what you need:
1. Black normal gi
2. "Cobra-kai" logo tee
3. Black ribbon

My friend had a pair of black gi with him and a tee-shirt with the "Cobra-Kai" logo on it. So, here's what my friend did, he cut  the sleeves, cut out the logos from the tee shirt and, with the help of his lovely lady, sewed it on to the black gi just like in the movie. Next he got some black ribbons and tied it around his head. Of course being blonde helps quite a bit with the original look and he is blessed with natural blonde hair, so there! Perfectly quick DIY costume!


Master Obi Wan Kenobi / Jedi

Another cool outfit whipped up by my friend in a very short time with a white gi...

Here's what you need:
1. White gi,
2. Brown boots or orginary leather shoes,
3. Any brown cloak, robe or graduation gown would do
4. A light saber prop (optional)
5. Brown belt

Additionally, a cool beard would complete the Obi Wan look but if not, then you can also attach a single braided lock to be a jedi. Not necessary, just my two cents.

I be on my Suit & tie...

Most guys own a tux or a slick suit and a cool tie, if not, well beg borrow steal,  and you can make these two quick DIY costumes...


You would need:
1. A black suit,
2. A white shirt
3. 1 large stretchy white sock, 
4. A dark plain tie, 
5. Pair of black shoes
6. Pair of white gloves

 First, all you have to do is dress up in your sunday best in smart black suit, white shirt, a dark tie and black shiny leather shoes. Basically, slenderman looks like a creepy business man. Next, cover the head with a large, stretchy white socks, wear the white gloves and you are done! Simple as that...

007 / MIB

Super Easy-peasy:

Either James Bond or J, you know all you need is a cool tux and some hot shades.

You'd need:
1. Black suit, 
2. white shirt, 
3. black tie (MIB) or bow tie (007), 
4. black shoes, 
5. A gun
6. Black shades (for MIB)

Just suit up, wear a tie or a bow tie in black, comb your hair slick, grab your gun and go explode the scums of the world... or even the universe! You could also use a thick large silver pen and use it as your memory eraser prop.

And there you go! 4 quick outfits in no time PROVIDED you already have the things ready... But the good news is most of the things in the lists are very easily available so, no more excuse to go without a costume or wear the diapers...