DIY: 3D hearts wall-hang

I have seen some really cool 3D heart cutout wall hangs and framed art pieces raging at stores like ikea and other such home decor shops. I really seemed like the look with all the pretty details and the cool 3D effect,  so I decided to try and make one myself, turns out it is pretty easy... And guess what else I found, I made mine with some already available household items for free... You can too make these beauties for less than a pound/dollar... 

Here's what you'd need:

1. A floral print (search google)
2. A printer
3. A photo frame (any size) that you already may have or get one from a thrift store for less than a pound/dollar.
4. Pair of scissors
5. Glue


1. First of all find a print that you like and print two sheets out.

2. Take one of the sheets and measure it out to the size of the frame, you can use the glass from the picture frame for reference. Now, cut it with scissors to the size required.

3. Next fold the sheet into three sections like shown,

4. Now use a heart shaped template (you can make it using a small piece of paper, folding in half and cutting out a heart shape) to trace around the folded sections. Cut out with scissors and repeat till you get 9-10 hearts.

5. Finally, glue 9 heart cutouts on to the second sheet from the spines of the heart at equal distance from each other.


And there you have it.... Frame it however you like it, make sure to keep some gap between the frame glass and the sheet so that it does justice to your 3D hearts... Now make your room a little prettier ;)