Art with a touch of Hyperrealism.

Marcello Bahrengi has time again proven that practice and talent can indeed create wonders. The italian maestro has been making amazing hyperrealistic pieces of daily objects for a while now with perfect intricacy (the videos of his art works can all be found in his youtube channel and facebook page).

Check out his most recent art:

The details are just mind boggling...

Such immaculately detailed drawing...
Such an inspiration! All his works are absolute stunner because they really look like they can be snatched out of the screen... Here are some more artists that could definitely hold a candle against him:

Incredibly talented Brooklyn based Zaria has the ability to paint hyper realistic icy landscapes or choppy tropical seas using nothing but her own fingers. Each paintings may take up to a whole month but patience does always pay off as my mama done told me one too many times too. 

This spanish born beast of an artist creates hot, fun and provocative hyperrealistic murals of his "friends" up to 10ft tall with nothing but our everyday blue ball-point pen... Genius!

Armenian hyperrealistic painting artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan has created unbelievably realistic soulful portraits of women. Title as "Mirror" he has made several massive oil paintings where a woman's visage is visible through her hands trying to cloak the face. Read all about him here.
4. Keng Lye 
Now here is someone who takes 3D art to a whole new level... Not only does he make hyperrealistic arts, he sculpts the whole painting out of layers of resins and create some outstanding masterpieces.

Is this a photograph of kinky naked girl wrapped in cling films in the name of art? Of course not, we are talking about hyperrealism after all!! These are paintings made by Robin Eley for his exhibition "Singularity".

Amazing photorealistic oil painting by the boston artist make you take a second look at them, since they are just beyond incredible... What I absolutely love is the intricate details of the paintings with the most rudimentary objects in our life that almost goes unnoticed... I have to really give it to him since one object can be far easier to paint than a whole picture!

And then lastly, (there are alot more but I would cover them in another post) and one of the most famous ones, is this italian artist who makes amazing still life oil painting pieces. Bernardi paints vivid hyperrealistic paintings of everyday items, sweets, glass and many more.

Honestly, there is no trick to these arts, they are just a result of sheer talent and practice... I would so love to make one myself. Huff! Just on of these days..... 

Until then,

Lots of love,

rJB ac