Valentine gift ideas

I have always struggled with the idea of V-day, I mean, people say "this is to celebrate romance and love", well, why should I celebrate my love for someone on one particular day only? If I truely adore someone and wish to be with them, every day should feel romantic to me. But, never mind me, we all have our own opinions. Anyway, since my partner doesn't really mind celebrating V-Day unlike me, I try and make the effort to give him special treatments. So, today I will list out a few gift ideas that I like and which I have used or will definitely do so in the future...

1. Customised favourite liquor gift

I bought this custom made special crystal bottle of liquor/cocktail that you can get made on spot at our town centre mall, West Quay. You can choose your own bottle, your own drink that you think your partner might like and also, write a message on it with white ink. Ain't that cool? Well, at least he ain't complaining!

2. Chalk board messages

This was such a cute thing I found at my local store. Either you want to write a message for your loved one or yourself as a message board, it all works just absolutely fine.

Here's a quick DIY: You can make one yourself too actually, you'd need a large heart shaped photo frame, chalk board paint, chalk board markers, a piece of rope, 2-3 clips and heart shaped card cut outs. Paint the glass of the photo frame with the chalk board paint and let dry. Attach the burlap rope or any kind you like from one end to another across the width of the heart. Add two red heart cut outs on to two wooden clips and add them on to the rope. Now write your own message for your special one.

3. Heart shaped additions

You can add or do some heart shaped cut out on your outfits and accessories to make them filled with some extra love. Check out my DIY on adding velvet heart elbow patches to a plain jumper that makes a perfect V-Day attire.

4. Framed prints

DIY prints to decorate your room with something romantic. These are super easy to make and cost you almost nothing. All you need is a printout and a photo frame and that's all :)

Find the printables on my blogpost here.

5. Personalized memorable photos/collages

Not so much as a gift but a memorabilia... I saw this very creative and really romantic collage a long time ago but I just cannot find the original one for the life of me :( So, here's a replica I found on google search which is exactly like the one I saw. Pardon me for lack of originality if I decided to do one with my guy too lol. Now, if only I could convince him...

6. Cute home-made confectionary

I have heard many times that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and to be honest, I adhere by it. So, you can make your partner a delicious piece of cake or other confectionary items like one here that I made for the last V-day:


These extremely cute cream cookies like here

Hope these help... Sure you can get the flowers and the chocolates and the balloons like they all do, but I like to sometimes think out of the box and frankly, for me, expensive gifts are for xmas and birthdays. A handmade something always goes the longest way when it comes to expressing your love....  

Now, enjoy and...