Quick DIY: Valentine's Day Vase

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Today, I will share this immensely quick V-day special DIY with you that can be done in 1 step only (2 at the most).

What you'd need:

1. White vase
2. Red sharpie

First of all, you will need a white vase of any shape and size. Clean it with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover if you have to. 


Next, using the sharpie just draw tiny little hearts on your vase. You can draw them large, or you can draw them small, you can also mix and match with cavalcades of hearts. Just let your imagination go wild ;)

And, you are DONE!!!

Now, wasn't that easy? You can do that with other materials too like plates and bowls but make sure you use porcelain pens/markers. Or even on T-shirts and dresses with fabric pens/markers.

Now, enjoy your valentine's day :)