Quick DIY: Revamping earings

So, if you have any old jewellery that looks worn out, needs repairing due to missing or broken parts, or needs revamping, here is a very quick and easy DIY for that very purpose!

What you'd need:

1. Old pair of earrings or jewellery pieces; 2. Nail varnish; 3. 2 hook eye pins; 4. Coloured thread for tassels; 5. Super glue; 

Right, to start with, I had these lovely pair of deep saphire crystal chandelier earrings I had bought a while ago, but with wear and tear two of its large centre crystal pieces went missing, so what did I do? I made the best out of the defects, like I do with myself! I covered the missing gem bits with a pretty emerald green nail varnish. You can use any colour you think might look nice with your jewellery piece... I also coloured a few gems here and there green too to give it a nice flow.

Next, this is optional but you can give your jewellery a few touches of your own if you want, like I added two emerald green tassels made in about 5 minutes with emerald green threads I had in my pile of threads. It's very simple to make tassels, just follow these steps by abeautifulmess:


And hooked it with two silver plated eye pins and glued them to the back of the earrings since there was no place to hook them up. 

And you are DONE!!! 

I just love them, as a matter of fact they look better than before in my opinion now!

Have fun lovelies... See you soon!