DIY: Pompom Statement Necklace


I saw these neon pompom statement necklaces at an advert (I'm sure you all must have seen), and the necklace by Mathew Williamson (right one):


Here's what you'd need:

1. Neon green chunky necklace like this one.

2. Deep blue pompom trim: find here.

3. Pair of scissors (find mine at here)

4. Needle and thread.
5. Statement earrings.


The procedure is extremely simple. It may be time consuming if you absolutely hate stitching work like me ;p.

1. First and foremost, lay the necklace and the pompom trim side by side to measure the length required.

2. Next, cut the pompom trim where required. I kept the length same as the necklace from first chunky chain to the last.

3. Next, use the needle and thread (preferably thin and dark like deep blue or black) and sew the trim onto the chain. This is the only time taking part, and it takes about 8-10 minutes tops.


4. Now to embellish! I dug out some of my dangling earrings to see which one would work the best. I tried three different earrings, a mint earrings, a silver embellished dangler and a blue chandelier earring. I could have tried more but I don't mind the look of no. 3.

Just hook it onto the necklace so that the earrings are still functional. I quite like the look of this one!

And there you go!

I also tried embellishing with my set of brooches, I used 5 of my cutest brooches and I think the outcome is just gorgeous.

You can keep playing around with the embellishement with some fantastic results. And so, there is my statement necklace all ready!

Hope you enjoyed the quick DIY. Lots of love, until next time...

Love always...