Bright and sunny in the city of Brighton

Down on the south coast of England there is a lively city of Brighton that is soooooo full of life, I am surprised it took me over 3 years to get myself down here! Ok, so far what I'd heard about Brighton was that it is lively, it is busy, it has a beautiful pebbled beach to wet your feet into, it is also the gay capital of UK and there are shops, I swear, probably more shops the whole of Hampshire combined! I came here for the 1st time yesterday (4th Feb) and had quite an exciting day meeting and having a meal (and coffee) with two extraordinary gentlemen, who were also incidentaly the great great great great great (yes, it is indeed 5 greats) grandnephew of Sir Isaac Newton, and a great grandson of a WWII Admiral!

Originally named Bristelmestune and Brighthelmston, Brighton is an amazingly vibrant city with major attraction among the shopaholics and sea surfers. Seriously the number of caf├ęs, restaurants, and shops alone were enough to keep me raoming the streets for hours. And then there is the beach, I absolutely love beaches, the cool breeze, the salty sea spray, the calling of the seagulls, the glittery sands or the soft sheen of the million pebbles... I guess it's pretty clear where I'd like to have a happy home!

It's just about an hour and a quarter away from Southampton towards the Southern Sea and I am glad I came, and for sure I will be returning soon ;) Till then, here are my very few pictures taken while at Brighton this time. In my excitment I totally forgot to take pictures lol. Next time, I will definitely do a better job!



Photos: Pride and style