Art Inspiration: Sew Wanderlast!about/c2414
Teresa is an artist and a traveller who has a unique way of capturing her travelling experiences and ventures. Unlike most of us who like to capture our memorable moments with our most trusty device, a camera, she makes her own memories along with souvenirs, embroidered sceneries and landscapes that are an on-spot account of her very trip. Each piece takes about 1-2 hours, a dedication I salute.

Teresa is an illustrator and a graduate in fashion designing and textiles. According to her website, "Her designs seek to blur the lines and boundaries between being an illustrator and a textile designer. She gets inspired by books and characters she meets on a daily basis."

Check out all her work at and her blog here.

Vietanm - Ha Long Bay
Germany - Berlin

Perth - Serpentine Falls


Germany - Laufersweiler

Prague - Charles Bridge