Van Gogh Muse

A mural of "The sunflowers"

I think a post on my Amsterdam trip is due. Actually I had been working on my trip post for a while now but I stopped as I had to kind of sort out my work and yet, alas! Here I am, still unmotivated... For both work as well as art :( ( Honestly, I hate when this happens...)

Well, I have reached, what you could call a moment of stagnancy in life, well at least my student life, when nothing seems to inspire me enough to get going with things, work or otherwise... I am spending wayyyyy too much time on youtube watching inspirational art videos and DIYs by the likes of Vicky Papaioannou and Mark Montano, two extremely brilliant and my favourite DIY artists. Yet, I have not gotten up and done something productive since last week. So anyway, here are a few items I came across on my trip to Amsterdam, including clothing items to crockery to cakes decorated in the beautiful and vibrant colours that were inspired by none other than the legendary Vincent Van Gogh.

My dream wedding cake : Layered cakes at a confectionary shop in Dam all decorated in sugar flowers inspired by Van Gogh's "The Sunflowers", "Almond Blossoms" and "Irises" (top to bottom).

Vases at the Van Gogh museum inspired by "The Sunflowers", "Irises" and "Almond Blossoms" 

Novelty items inspired by "The Sunflowers" at the Museum

More Sunflowers...

... and some almond blossoms

And then some more Starry nights... The most beautiful masterpiece I have ever seen. Here are some starry inspirations:

Wine glasses

Starry cake

Van Gogh painting print dresses

Starry night inspired dress

Starry night nail art

See more Starry inspos here, and many many MANY creative and funky reproductions here!