Professor Green Concert

"My precious..." Lol
Yay! I love fun concerts, especially when it's so easy to access and cheap too. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had the priviledge to go to Professor Green's live concert today (26th of January) at my very own University, Southampton, for a very reasonable price of just £15! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

It was loud and fun... Accompanied by two back up singers, he sang everything from my first memory of his songs "I need you tonight", to hit singles like "Jungle", "Remedy" and "Monster", my favourite "Just be good to green" and his most popular "Read all about it". And what's more, I was standing right at the front row, RIGHT IN FRONT of him... Oh! My ears are still buzzing! Lol!

But that's not all, we had a few groups performing prior to Professor Green that were pretty good too, there was a solo guitar performance when I walked in, then a band from Manchester called "Prose" performed their rap/punk style singles, followed by Mikill Pane and DJ Leor just before the finale. It was superb... Surprisingly sparce crowd but I'm not complaining!!! Anyway, here are the higlights:

Our golden tickets! With my friend Samiksha.
The Prose
  Mikill Pane and DJ Leor

And finally, Professor Green:

 Gosh! I want more!!! Anyway, here is a full youtube Prof. Green playlist just for you guys to enjoy ;)

And some of my fav. tracks:

"Read all about it"

"Just be good to Green"

 "I need you tonight"