Off to Chile!

So, I have finally recieved my chile Visa. The process was way simpler than expected since like I mentioned in my post Chile Visa for Indians in UK (the processes for which by the way would also apply to all foreign people in UK who require visa for Chile), the procedure to apply was the only tricky bit but once you sent all the documents, you just have to sit back and wait for the embassy to do the rest. Although they say that it would take good 20 days for the visa to be processed and issued, in places like UK and US where most people don't require visas, the visa is granted within 2-3 days, after all the verification from Santiago. And then all you need to do is call the embassy, set the appointment and get your passport (that is still with you) stamped on spot by the officials at the embassy.

So, a few tips on the rest of the procedure:

1. Office hours are 9AM - 5PM so call before 12 noon or after 3PM. I find that between 12-3PM is the main rushhour and embassy is more free to answer calls more swiftly before or after this time period. 

2. Also, keep trying to call if you don't get them on the first few goes cause by the looks of what I found, the embassy is always rather empty, and since it's not too busy, there is often only one individual dealing with all the calls for Visas, and sometimes you cannot reach the person only because he is not in his desk.

3. You can book an appointment via email or by phone, however phone is better and quicker. 

4. The officials are extremely caring and friendly so they would be happy to accommodate you if you come a little early or late. I went to the embassy 30 minutes prior to my allotted slot and they agreed to do it without any objection. 

5. The process is very prompt. I got my visa done in about 20-25 minutes tops.

So, yes, applying for Visa is quite simple and quick. If you plan on seeing some llamas in action, or walk amongst the Easter heads or just simply enjoy yourself the divine scenery of a place that has everything nature has to offer, from barren deserts, to tall mountains (with 500 volcanoes in all), cold lakes and the blue sea to offer at the same spot, I say get going with that plan ;)

See you with more travel tips and experience!

Love always...